Find peers in your community who really get what you’re going through. Spinal Cord Injury BC’s Peer Support Program helps people with spinal cord injuries and those with related disabilities, overcome the challenges of living in a wheelchair by building communities of support throughout British Columbia.

Events throughout British Columbia

Spinal Cord Injury BC hosts more than 300 Peer events throughout British Columbia each year, ranging from laid-back BBQs, to more adventurous sports like adaptive kayaking, trail riding, paragliding and bungee jumping. Check out our event calendar.

Peer Mentoring

If you would like to develop a long-term relationship with someone who really knows what you’re going through, our Peer Mentoring service is for you. We will match you with a trained Peer Mentor who has a similar background as you. Peer Mentors will meet with you on a monthly basis for at least one year. Contact your local Peer Program Coordinator to apply.

Reach Out! Virtual Peer Group

Our Reach Out! Virtual Peer Group is for anyone who can’t always make it to our events in person, or has an interest in connecting online with other Peers. Call or log in using a phone, smartphone, tablet or computer. Groups are held each month and moderated by fellow Peers or SCI BC staff. Check out our event calendar.

Weekly and monthly coffee groups

Our Peer staff and volunteers host coffee groups on a weekly or monthly basis in 11 communities throughout British Columbia. Your first drink is on us! Check out our event calendar.

Peer Matching

If would like to meet with a Peer one-on-one, we will connect you with someone who lives in your area who has gone through similar challenges as you as a result of their injury or disability. Peer Matches are with volunteers and meetings typically last for two hours. Peer Matches are one-time encounters. Contact your local Peer Program Coordinator to apply.

Our Provincial Supporters

Our Regional Supporters


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