Access and Allies: Part One

Avid traveler and SCI BC Peer Murray Siple has seen the good, the bad and everything in between when it comes to wheelchair-friendly travel. Here are some of his top recommendations for unique and accessible places to stay around the world.

Moving On: A Roll in the Right Direction

If life has taught Jessica Kruger anything, it's how to deal with—and embrace—change. As her role as SCI BC Event Lead (and office pastry extraordinaire) comes to an end, Jess shares how (and why) she's moved on—with her profession, her athletic career, and her disability.

Inner Strength Training

Ten years ago, Master Michael Sirota led a series of ground-breaking self defence workshops for in- and out-patients at GF Strong. Now, with Para Taekwondo set to make its debut at the 2020 Paralympics and Therapeutic Martial Arts programs taking hold around the world, a growing number of [...]

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