SCI BC’s Peer Coaching Program help participants develop and achieve individualized goals and plans in order to help prevent secondary complications and increase self-management and self-efficacy skills leading to a healthier and enhanced quality of life.


Who is it for?

Any member of SCI BC with a spinal cord injury or a related disability that is looking for support in developing and achieving specific individualized physical activity or healthy weight goals.

Who are the coaches?

Coaches of the program all have a spinal cord injury and are trained in motivational interviewing, brief action planning and mental health first aid. They are active members and mentors in their communities. Meet our coaches below:

Barry Arana

Barry Arana

Mary-Jo Fetterly

Mary-Jo Fetterly

Olivia Rey

Olivia Rey

What do the coaches do?

Coaches will help participants develop and achieve individualized goals and action plans through a series of eight, one-on-one online meetings, each up to one hour long. The number of sessions can be extended as needed. Coaches will share relevant information, resources and stories of theirs or other lived experiences and offer peer support and recommendations for referrals.


Types of Coaching

ProActive Physical Activity Coaching

Participants who want to increase their level of physical activity with the goal of reaching the physical activity guidelines.

Healthy Weight Coaching

Participants who want to maintain or achieve a healthy weight through medical support (provided by the participant’s doctor), nutrition planning and/or physical activity prescription (referred to subject experts).

SCI & U Health Coaching Research Study (starting in 2024)

Participants who want to reduce the potential of secondary complications, gain knowledge about SCI, improve self-efficacy and self-management skills, and gain confidence and independence.

Examples of goals:

  • Reduce frequency of urinary tract infections
  • Eat a more well-balanced diet
  • Get stronger so transfers are easier
  • Learn how to be more independent in daily activities
  • Incorporate mindfulness and breathing techniques
  • Learn more about SCI and what is out there related to interests and disability

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