Welcome to BC! Wherever newcomers with disabilities go in BC, SCI BC has information and support to help them adjust, adapt, and thrive. We connect people with SCI and similar disabilities to peers – others with similar disabilities and experiences – to support and learn from each other through group events and activities in communities around BC.


Our mission is to help people with spinal cord injury (and related disabilities) and their families adjust, adapt, and thrive as they deal with a new injury or struggle with the ongoing challenges of living and aging with a physical disability. This guide has been put together with the experience of people with SCI and similar disabilities living around BC, and the information we have gathered from serving thousands of people living with physical disabilities in BC through our Infoline Service.

Download our Welcome Guide below

Interactive version (Click on the Image below to open):


BC Refugee Hub Information Sheets and Videos for Refugees with Disabilities

For shorter handouts and videos of the Welcome Guide content:

1) Driving, Public Transportation and Settlement:

Info sheet


2) Employment, Housing and Income Supports

Info sheet


3) Primary and Mental Healthcare

Info sheet


Speakers Jocelyn Maffin and Jana Husseini from Spinal Cord Injury BC share about community initiatives and information related to refugees with disabilities that can support front line workers in service provision.

Check out this webinar about the Welcome Guide for Newcomers With Disabilities by the authors presented by BC Refugee Hub.

The Welcome Guide for Newcomers With Disabilities is licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC 4.0. You are welcome to use and adapt this content for non-commercial purposes with attribution. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/

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