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What if you could enjoy a weekend of camping without anxiety? Book a hotel without hassle? Create family memories without concern?

The Spring 2024 issue of The Spin includes articles on caregiving, accessible camping, a wound care treatment called Amicapsil and more!

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Spin Grid
Spin Fall 2014
Accessible Kitchen, Stem Cell Tourism, Physiotherapy, Cold Weather Workouts, Exoskeletons
Spin Fall 2017
Musicians, Power Assists, Dynamic Wheelchair Seating
Spin Winter 2017
Martial Arts, Exercise Guidelines, Bowel Care, 60th Anniversary
Spin Spring 2016
Nerve Transfer Surgery, Relationships, StopGap, Cruises
Spin Summer 2016
Cannabis, Mindfulness, Pain BC, Botox, Casters
Spin Fall 2016
Fashion, Makeup, SCI Fatigue, Male Fertility
Spin Winter 2016
Service Dogs, Vitamin D, Winter Preparedness, Paralympian
Spin Spring 2015
Online Dating, SCI and Hunting, Neuropathic Pain, Spinal Implant, Anxiety
Spin Summer 2015
RealWheels Theatre, Love Online, Privilege to Pee: Art Installations, Harmony and Healing: Music, Stem Cells
Spin Fall 2015
SCI and Motherhood, Treating Spasticity, Access Driver Rehabilitation, Robotic Glove, If I Knew Then: Quad Anniversary
Spin Winter 2015
Dads and Daughters Surfing, Pressure Sore Prevention, Wheelchair Maintenance, Migraines and SCI, SCI and Hunting Update
Spin Spring 2014
Pain Relief, Disability Tax Benefits, Sleep Disorders, Working with SCI, Heart Disease
Spin Summer 2014
Epidural Stimulation, Life with Incomplete SCI, Sochi Paralympics, Poison to Treat Pain
Spin Summer 2017
Camping, Hobby Hacks, Sleep Innovations, Accessible Homes
Spin Winter 2014
Hand Function, Bladder Stimulus, Inaccessible Tech with Neil Squire Society, Melatonin
Spin Spring 2013
Wheelchair Rugby, Horseback Riding, Dentistry, Botox and Bladder
Spin Summer 2013
Cannabis, Home Renovation, Accessible Yoga, Stone Carving
Spin Fall 2013
Autonomic Dysreflexia and Immunity, Wheelchair Floorball, Accessible Cruises, Respiratory Health, Gardening
Spin Winter 2013
Law School with SCI, Botox for Spasticity, Walking Incomplete, Motocross
Spin Spring 2012
Stem Cell Therapy, Skateboarding, Power Wheelchairs, Alaskan Cruises, Scuba
Spin Summer 2012
Depression, Self Defense, Gardening, Pregabalin, Finetech-Brindley Bladder System, Home Adaptations for Independence (HAFI)
Spin Fall 2012
Partners for Pleasure, SCI-Fatigue, Assistance Dog, Paralympic Curling, RDSP, Blusson Spinal Cord Centre
Spin Winter 2012
Downhill Skiing, Flying, Bladder Cancer, Smart-e-Pants, Wheelchair Travel, SCI in Media, Jobseeking
Spin Fall 2011
Adaptive Sport, Botox for bladder, Laughing Spasms, Hunting & Fishing, Viberect device
Spin Summer 2011
Exoskeletons, e-stim trial, loving the kitchen, tire pressure
Spin Spring 2011
off-road diesel mechanic, shoulder stretches, neuropathic pain primer
Summer 2020
Orthotics, Pain & Anxiety Cycle, COVID & Caregivers, Online Technology
Fall 2023
A Peer’s Passion for Race Car Driving, Virtual Reality, Aging with SCI
Summer 2023
Waterskiing, Cannabis and Chronic Pain, Improving BC's System of Rehabilitation and Recovery
Spring 2023
Testosterone Therapy, Smoking Cessation, Accessible Seaplane Services
Winter 2022
Clinical Trial Enrollment, Innovative Adaptive Workout Equipment, A Peer's Musical Achievement
Fall 2022
Adaptive Clothing, SCI & Immunity Research, Canada's First Chief Accessibility Officer
Summer 2022
Catheter Coverage Research, Adaptive Bikes, Neurostimulation, SCI and Sexual Health
Spring 2022
Adaptive Mountain Biking, Bodybuilding, Breathing Techniques, Nerve Regrowth Research
Winter 2021
Wheelchair Attachments for Advanced Mobility, Hunting, Air Travel
Fall 2021
Home-Based Neuromodulation, Emergency Preparedness, Neuropathic Pain Research
Summer 2021
Cardio Equipment, Catheter Reuse, Power Assist Devices, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Spring 2021
A Peer's Reality TV Role, Low Blood Pressure, Post-Secondary Education, COVID-19 and SCI
Spring 2020
Unique Peer Hobbies, Personal Training at PARC, Stationary Rowing, Hip Spasticity, TIL
Winter 2023
Male Infertility, Evacuating with SCI, Adaptive Gaming
Fall 2020
Music, Ambulatory SCI, Medication Costs, AD & Cannabis
Winter 2020
UTI & Pressure Injury Treatment Research, Exercise & Pain Management, SCI Cowboy
Spring 2019
Circadian Rhythms, SCI and Sex, Exercise: Wallgym, Wheelchair Innovations
Summer 2019
Optometry, Neurostimulation, Accessible Dentistry, Nerve Regeneration
Fall 2019
Summer 2019 Highlights, Wheel Love Documentary, Shoulder Pain Research, Accessible Camping
Winter 2019
Custom wheelchairs, nerve transplant surgery, opioid restrictions. sailing Desolation Sound
Spin Spring 2018
Navigating Aging, Minimizing UTIs, Cannabis and Spasticity
Spin Summer 2018
SCIRE, Restoring Hand Function, BC's Accessible Trails
Spin Fall 2018
Caregiver Nightmares, Restoring Bladder Function, Europe Travel
Spin Winter 2018
SCI Nutrition, Adaptive Mountain Biking, Neuromodulation Research
Spin Spring 2017
Peers From Around the World, Accessible Shoes, Transgender