Our Peer Program is about those magic moments when things click. Whether it’s re-connecting with a hobby you had pre-injury, learning how to wheelie over a curb, sharing a laugh with someone, or taking a family vacation that you never thought would be possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re newly injured, have had a disability your whole life, or are facing new challenges as you age – the SCI BC Peer Program is for everyone.

a group of people in wheelchairs with their friends and family on top of a lookout point in Whistler, Canada.

As a Peer Program member, you’ll automatically be part of a provincial network of awesome people doing awesome things. Our Peer Program Coordinators live with SCI and understand what you’re dealing with. They are located throughout BC and are always there to lend an ear, answer questions or host a unique in-person or online event. Our online InfoCentre and toll-free InfoLine are also available to connect you with the resources you need to find a job, housing, health information, recreation opportunities and more!

Learn more about our Peer Program below or become a member today (it’s FREE!).

Peer Program

Online Events & Meetups

Can’t make it to our events in person? Prefer to connect online? No problem! Our online events and meetups are hosted by Peer Program Coordinators or SCI BC volunteers and are computer, tablet and phone friendly. Visit our events calendar to see what’s coming up or watch one of our online event videos.

a group of people chat about life and drink coffee at an SCI BC event. Some of them are in wheelchairs or use walking canes for balance.

Coffee Groups & Meetups

Our Peer Program Coordinators host weekly and monthly meetups throughout the province. These casual hangouts provide a relaxed atmosphere to ask questions, swap stories and share advice. Plus, there is usually a free cup of coffee involved! View our calendar of events.

a girl in a handcycle rips down an accessible mountain biking trail


We host more than 300 events each year. These range from laid-back BBQs, book clubs and educational panels, to more adventurous outings like adaptive kayaking, trail riding, camping and rock climbing. View our calendar of events.

Peer Program

Peer Connection

Never underestimate the power of talking with someone who really understands what you’re going through. We can connect you with someone who lives in your area, has a similar injury or disability, or has faced similar challenges as you. Peer connection is also available for family members who have been impacted by their loved one’s disability. Contact your local Peer Program Coordinator to learn more.

Peer Program

Family & Friends

A spinal cord injury is life-changing not only for the person with an injury but also for those who love them. Family members are welcome to join our Peer Program or our events. They are a great way to try something new, have some fun and build a support network! Contact your local Peer Program Coordinator to learn more or become a member.

Peer Program

Become an SCI BC Member

You are welcome to take part in our Peer Program without becoming an SCI BC member, but we strongly encourage you to sign up to stay connected. SCI BC members receive our newsletters, special event invites, The Spin magazine and more. Did we mention it’s free? Become a member today.

a man with a phone headset on sits at his desk and smiles for the camera. He is a staff member at SCI BC's InfoLine

InfoLine & InfoCentre

Our friendly InfoLine staff are here to answer your questions (seriously, try to stump us!), give advice or just to chat. Explore our online InfoCentre to find resources that can help you land a new job, secure housing, connect with recreation opportunities and more.

Peer Stories

Don’t take our word for it, hear from people who are a part of our Peer Program and see how it’s impacted their lives. Learn more.


Peer Health Coaching Program

Do you have a physical activity or healthy weight goal in mind? Join our Peer Health Coaching Program! Our Health Coaches help participants develop and achieve individualized goals in order to help prevent secondary complications and increase self-management skills, leading to an enhanced quality of life.


Aging with SCI Program

Be prepared for aging with an SCI and check out our Aging with SCI Program. Connect with Peer Support Specialist, Duncan Campbell or view our collection of resources to get ready for the challenges related to aging.


Adaptive Cycling Program

Try adaptive cycling with SCI BC! Learn to cycle, improve your skills, or join us for group rides to explore local trails with peers and support. Check out our Adaptive Cycling Program webpage to learn more.

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