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Spinal Cord Injury BC’s Annual Report highlights our achievements, shares stories about our members, outlines facts and figures about SCI in Canada and includes our financial summary. We hope you enjoy learning more about the important work we do!

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2022: Resilience

Download the 2022 Annual Report.

2021: Informed & Connected

Download the 2021 Annual Report.

2020: New Connections

Download the 2020 Annual Report.

2019: Support in Action

Download the 2019 Annual Report.

2018: Accessible BC

Download the 2018 Annual Report.

2017: 60 Years

Download the 2017 Annual Report.

2016: Impact

View the 2016 Annual Report.

2015: Reaching Out

View the 2015 Annual Report.

2014: Community

View the 2014 Annual Report.

2013: Together

Download the 2013 Annual Report.

2012: Connected

Download the 2012 Annual Report.

2011: Refocused

Download the 2011 Annual Report.