Just because you have a physical disability doesn’t mean your travel days are over. You just have to be prepared for the unexpected and plan things a little bit differently.

a man in a wheelchair looks out over a beautiful mountain range and lake in an accessible travel spot

We’ve created and compiled a number of resources to help you jet-set with confidence, embark on your road trip with expertise, or head out on your care-free weekend getaway regardless of your level of ability. Our travel advice was collected from a community of travellers who have collectively explored every single continent over several decades in their wheelchairs! Start your adventure now.

Accessible Travel Guide

Our Accessible Travel Guide will help you get the most out of your travel experience, regardless of your level of mobility.

Access BC

Learn more about our Access BC program. We know British Columbia is beautiful. Together, we are making it accessible.

Travel Stories

Re-ignite your passion for travel by reading these personal stories from members of our community. Discover accessible travel tips, recommendations and more!

Travel Videos

From check-in to take-off, our accessible travel video series shows you everything you need to know about flying with a wheelchair.

Know How You'll Go

Worried about how to take care of your bathroom needs while on a flight? Check out this resource for tips and strategies for small spaces.


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