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What bike should I get? How do I find the right fit? Where are the accessible trails near me? Get all the answers to these questions and more with our NEW adaptive cycling program coming this spring!


This program is designed to promote safe community physical activity and community inclusion for people with disabilities. SCI BC’s adaptive cycling program is fun, inclusive and welcoming place for anyone to get involved in biking.

What We Offer

Fittings/Assessments and Clinics

Our Fittings/Assessments provide a 1:1 bike fitting and setup with a trained adaptive cycling instructor to help you find the bike that works best for you! You’ll have a chance to get comfy and oriented to your handcycle and any adaptive equipment you need, like grips, pads or straps.

Once you’ve found a handcycle or adaptive cycle that works for you, it’s time to try it out! In our clinics you’ll ride your bike in an off-street protected area and practise pedalling, shifting, braking and e-assist (if applicable). You’ll also have the chance to learn from other cyclists and get help to feel comfortable behind the wheels.

Group Rides

Group rides bring people together for fun and exercise! We offer several levels of rides at different times, so there’s something suitable for every type of rider. Group rides will take place on off-street protected bike trails with minimal traffic to contend with. Peers with their own handcycles are welcome to join!


Who Can Participate?

If you have elbow function and can transfer with minimal assistance, fill out our self assessment form (coming soon) and find out if our program is for you! Our program is best for those who have (at minimum) elbow function and can do a level transfer with minimal assistance.


Most of our programming will take place at Trout Lake (John Hendry) Park in Vancouver and locations around the Lower Mainland near you! Suggest a clinic in your neighbourhood at the email address below.

How to Get Involved

We’re working hard to build a brand new website where you can find all the information you need about our cycling program. Plus, you’ll be able to sign up for assessments, clinics and group rides all with a click of your mouse. Stay tuned!

We are also in need of volunteers! If any of the following apply to you, email to let us know!

  • Experienced handcyclist (or other form of adaptive cycling) or cyclist and want to share it with others at a clinic or group ride?
  • Want to volunteer outside this summer at a beautiful location and supporting adaptive cycling?
  • Interested in getting volunteer experience in rehab, disability, rec therapy, OT, PT or similar health disciplines?

Please reach out to Jenna at to learn more about our cycling program.

Our Bikes

Our bikes include a variety of road/recreational handcycles and adaptive bikes to suit peers with a range of function and interest. Take a look at some of the models below to know what you can expect!

We also provide the following equipment: helmets, transfer lift seats, sliding boards, straps, pads, brake and crank grip adaptations and active hands gear.

JEDD (Handcycle) by PrairieVelo.
Features: 7-speed Internal gear hub, caliper parking brake and coaster brake.
Type: Fun recreational entry level handcycle.
Best suited for: New riders, recreational handcyclists with some trunk balance. Lots of adjustability.
Adaptations: disc brake, elbow brake lever

EcoTAD (Recumbent trike) By Sunseeker Recumbents
Features: 7-speed tadpole foot-powered trike with front disc brakes. 250W mid drive e-assist.
Type: City cycling on road and grass.
Best suited for: Riders with adequate hip and knee function but below knee paralysis such as ambulatory SCI or MS.
Adaptations: pedal mounted foot clamps/braces.

Hand Magnum (Handcycle) by Greenspeed Recumbent bikes.
Features: Tadpole recumbent handcycle with fold away crank boom. 8 speed. Rear wheel drive and disc brakes. 250W rear e-assist.
Type: Recreational city cycling and touring.
Best suited for: Riders needing an easy independent transfer, tighter turning radius, or more seating adjustability.
Adaptations: repositioned brake lever.

Excelerator (Handcycle) by Invacare/TopEnd
Features: Upright delta trike, 7 speed fwd, coaster & caliper brakes. 250W e-assist with coaster brake.
Type: beginner recreational handcycle.
Best suited for: Riders needing a level transfer from a wheelchair, higher visibility in the road, riders with long legs or leg/joint flexibility issues. Adaptations: Repositioned brake lever, removable Quadgrips

Excelerator XLT (Handcycle) by Invacare/TopEnd
Features: Recumbent delta trike, 7 speed fwd, coaster brake* & caliper brake, cambered rear wheels and semi-reclined seating.
Type: recreational street and touring handcycle. Intermediate seat height, very stable, faster than Excelerator.
Best suited for: Riders with less abdominal control needing seating stability to transfer more power to the cranks.
Adaptations: Removable quadgrips

Thank you to our program partners at Hub Cycling and Chairstuff for their support!

And our provincial Peer Program supporters: Coloplast, Hammerco LLP, Slater Vecchio LLP, Macdonald’s Home Health Care, Province of British Columbia, ICBC, Provincial Employees Community Services Fund, and the Government of Canada.

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