Spinal Cord Injury BC

Active Transportation Summit: Accessible for All

SCI BC’s Information Resource Specialist, Heather Lamb, recently attended the Active Transportation Summit in New Westminster and was impressed by the conference’s accessibility. Here are her thoughts on the event.

Let There Be Ink

Tattoos often mean more than what you can see on the surface, especially after an SCI.  SCI BC’s Digital Communications Coordinator and Peer Gabe Chesman shares what his ink means to him and things to consider when getting a tattoo after an SCI.

Moving On: A Roll in the Right Direction

If life has taught Jessica Kruger anything, it’s how to deal with—and embrace—change. As her role as SCI BC Event Lead (and office pastry extraordinaire) comes to an end, Jess shares how (and why) she’s moved on—with her profession, her athletic career, and her disability.

Wheeled Mobility

Five things I wish I could tell industrial designers: My love/hate relationship with the internet-fuelled cult of wheelchair industrial design concepts