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Chairstuff has been a supplier of specialized bowel and bladder supplies for over a decade and a sponsor to SCI BC since 2019. Recently, they added a Community & Education section to their website. Here, you’ll find a wealth of carefully curated information and videos to help support you.


When the Chairstuff team says they’re here for you 24/7, they mean it. This is because they know how important responsive service is to their customers. From a helpful phone call to an emergency delivery, Steve Milum (Chairstuff Owner) and John Houck (Chairstuff General Manager) are available by phone, email, or text.

The new Community & Education section of their website is yet another way they support our community. It was created to provide you access to the best information for your bowel and bladder routines. Here you’ll find carefully sourced information from the experts on Self-Catheterization, Bowel Routines, Foley Catheters and Condom Catheters.

Everything you need to know about Self-Catheterization

The Chairstuff team knows this can be overwhelming in the beginning, so they put together this page about self-catheterization that’s rich with information, videos and tips from people with disabilities.

If you don’t know what catheter to buy, they’ve put together a list of terms to get you started—just click: How do I know which catheter to buy on this page to find it. You can also find tips on making your routine easier if you have limited mobility, video instructions on self-catheterization for men and women, and video advice from people who do it every day. You can also learn about the complications that can arise during the use of intermittent catheters and what you can do.

one photo of a woman in winter clothing in her vehicle. The second photo is of a man in a white tank top in a tiled bathroom.
In Chairstuffs ADVICE FROM THE PROS, Tanelle give tips on how using a male catheter makes things easier, and Johnathan explains how he catheterizes. To find the videos, click the image and scroll down the page.

The Complete Guide to Bowel Routines

Like self-catheterization, starting a bowel routine can feel overwhelming and exhausting. But understanding your bowel and having your routine established is the key to your health.

This vital section of the Chairstuff website explains what a bowel routine is and why you need one. Because your routine will depend on what kind of neurogenic bowel you have, they’ve provided videos about each type of bowel and how they function. Everyone’s routine is different, and there are products and information to help you establish yours.

black and white line drawings of a carrot, water bottle, someone sitting in a yoga position and a clock
Do you know how these factors affect your bowel routine? Click the image, then scroll down the page to find out.

The Complete Guide to Foley Catheters

Foley catheters are a wonderful option when intermittent catheterization doesn’t work.

In this section, find out about foley catheters— what they are and how they work through a helpful collection of videos and documents. You’ll see how to care for foley or suprapubic catheters, how to change a drainage bag, what to do if your catheter isn’t draining and how to make your catheter routine easier if your mobility is limited.

Image one shows two women in a living room one is blond wearing a purple tank top and white shorts, and sitting in a wheelchair, the second woman has short brown hear and is wearing a black tank top and capris and is sitting in a wheelchair. The second image is of a blonde woman wearing glasses sitting on a couch in front of a dark pink wall.
In Chairstuffs ADVICE FROM THE PROS, Tanelle and Spring give tips on hiding your leg bag, and Lucy explains about suprapubic catheters. To find the videos, click the image and scroll down the page.

All about Condom Catheters

These catheters are an excellent option for men experiencing short-term incontinence. It’s important to do your research because they’re not effective for everyone, and the Condom Catheter section can help you get started!

Find out how to apply and remove a condom catheter, how to change the drainage bag, your options on which one to buy, how to keep your skin healthy and the benefits of using this method.

The Chairstuff Team

To say they offer personalized service is an understatement—their commitment to every person in the disability community shows in every interaction. Just take a look at their testimonials page to see all the ways Steve and his team go above and beyond for their customers.

The products they offer are the result of years of service, experience and customer feedback. If you have questions, they have the answers.


Check out the Chairstuff website at to get started. Remember Steve and his team are here for you 24/7 at 1-866-363-0025 or

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