Thank you for your interest in SCI BC. Please see the below contact list for the applicable contact details. You can also visit our Staff Page for additional contact information.

SCI BC InfoLine: 1-800-689-2477

Office Locations

SCI BC Vancouver Office
780 SW Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC V6P 5Y7
Phone: 604-324-3611
Fax: 604-326-1229

SCI BC Prince George Office
777 Kinsmen Place
Prince George, BC V2M 6Y7
Phone: 250-563-6942
Fax: 250-563-6992

SCI BC Resource Centre at GF Strong
4255 Laurel Street (main lobby)
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2G9
Phone: 604-714-4185

Media Contact

Chris McBride
Executive Director
Office: 604-326-1226

Regional SCI BC Contacts

Fort St. John
Lori Slater, Volunteer Peer Program Coordinator
Phone: 250-787-1912

Bert Abbott, Peer Program Coordinator
Phone: 250-616-1186

Prince George
Brandy Stiles, Peer Program Coordinator
Phone: 250-563-6942

Alison Duddy, Volunteer Peer Program Coordinator
Phone: 250-249-0027

Regional SCI BC Contacts

Richard Peter, Peer Program Coordinator
Phone: 604-714-4185

Brad Jacobsen, Peer Program Coordinator

Scott Heron, Peer Support Specialist
Phone: 250-812-0773

Sonja Gaudet, Peer Program Coordinator
Phone: 250-308-2983

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