Just because you have a physical disability doesn’t mean your travel days are over. You just have to be prepared for the unexpected and plan things a little bit differently.

That’s why we created an Accessible Travel Guide and an Accessible Travel Video Series. We hope these new resources will help you plan your trip so that you get the most out of your travel experience–regardless of your level of ability.

Our travel advice was collected from a panel of travelers who have collectively explored every single continent over several decades in their wheelchairs!

No matter your comfort level or dream destination, there are plenty of ways begin your adventure:

  • WATCH our detailed video travel tutorials.
  • READ our Know How You’ll Go resource
  • DISCOVER stories from other peers on our Accessible Travel Blog.
  • LIKE our Facebook page to be notified each time we post new accessible travel content.
  • SHARE your travel stories.
  • VISIT our Access BC website to learn about accessible outdoor spaces in BC.

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