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Making an Impact with Activism and Advocacy

Updated on May 28, 2024

With a disability of any sort, personal advocacy (getting the care, equipment, etc. that you need) is part and parcel of your daily life. Making the jump from self-advocacy to public, wide-reaching activism can seem like a daunting task. Watch this panel discussion with activists who found issues in the world to address and then found ways to pursue them: Kenny Salvini shares his experience with the US Air Carrier Access Amendments Act, Conrad Reynoldson discusses championing curb cuts in Seattle, and Bruce Hanson covers his and Kate Willette’s work securing funding in the Washington State budget for SCI research. Hear firsthand about how they got started with an issue, dealt with obstacles, and ultimately succeeded in making an impact in the world. They will also offer ideas, advice, and their experience on how anyone can get involved in making change happen.

While the stories presented in this video from the Northwest Regional Spinal Cord Injury System are from the US and the legislative framework is different there, Canadian activists can learn valuable skills from these experiences.

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