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‘Sorry No Vacancy’ Housing Survey Report

Updated on May 28, 2024

Since SCI BC started its provincial InfoLine service in 2010, staff members have kept statistics on why people with mobility disabilities contact us. Accessible housing continues to be a key concern. This study was designed to find out exactly what the problems are, from people who need accessible housing and those who are assisting them. The considerations for next steps are directly based on what our survey respondents told us. This study was not meant to provide an evaluation of the available accessible housing stock in BC but rather to further develop our understanding of who needs accessible housing in BC and the problems they are having in finding and affording it.

The following is a summary, click on the link at the bottom of the page to view the full survey report

Key Findings

  • There is limited availability of accessible housing and subsidized housing is even more difficult to find.
  • The aging population is expected to make the shortage of accessible housing more acute.
  • People who wish to move to another community for school or work may wait years for an accessible place to live.
  • Accessible housing benefits everyone and the extra costs are negligible when accessibility is included from the beginning.

Key Considerations

  • Develop a central registry of accessible housing in BC, including subsidized and market rent, co-ops, and real estate for sale.
  • Create a portable rent subsidy for those who need accessible housing, to increase access to private market options
  • Continue subsidies to co-ops for low income housing.
  • Update the BC Building Code to require, at minimum, visitable housing.
  • Increase the numbers of accessible housing units in subsidized housing buildings.

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