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Victoria Accessibility Advisory Committee

Updated on May 28, 2024

The Accessibility Advisory Committee champions, informs and provides feedback to City Council and staff on a range of City initiatives, programs and services through an accessibility lens.

The purpose of the Accessibility Advisory Committee is to:

  1. Receive and communicate out City activities and updates related to accessibility to “parent” organizations the member represents (where applicable)
  2. Comment on new provincial accessibility legislation to inform City planning and program changes on suggested priority actions for initial implementation
  3. Provide feedback to staff on accessibility considerations through the 2022 Pilot on Responsive Budgeting Process
  4. Share information on best practices and innovations on accessibility issues which align with the Focus Areas identified in the City’s approved Accessibility Framework
  5. Respond to staff requests for input on new projects to identify and address accessibility considerations – On-going
  6. Act as a resource and provide advice and recommendations to City Council and staff on the implementation of the Accessibility Framework and short-term action plan
  7. Work with staff on a draft Mid-to-Long Term Accessibility Action Plan by Q1 2022
  8. Review proposed tool for balancing competing rights and interests and provide comments and recommendations to Council after review
  9. Review and update current guidelines for writing an Accessibility Impact Statement (AIS) so the document can function as an Accessibility Lens

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