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The Spin Doctor: Breastfeeding after SCI

Like all mothers, women with SCI may experience common breastfeeding challenges – but for mothers with SCI there are often additional challenges. In this Spin Doctors series, we explore solutions to these difficulties.

The Spin Doctor: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Several peers have asked us about carpal tunnel syndrome pain that has intensified with age, and surgery options to ease it. We referred to some trusted online sources and asked two of our peers who have dealt with this problem to share their experiences.

The Spin Doctor: How to Naturally Treat Toe Fungus

“Why do I always seem to have toe fungus, and how can I treat it naturally?” It’s a question we hear often from peers. We asked for assistance from The Rollin’ RNs who write about SCI-related health issues based on their experience as registered nurses who live with paraplegia.

SCI and COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Right now, there’s a lot of COVID-19 information in the news, online and on TV. What and who do we trust? Because there’s so much uncertainty about where to go for reliable information, our team at SCI BC compiled a comprehensive list of trusted sources.

Heavy Burden: The Cost of Prescription Medicines

We’ve always known that Canadians with SCI shoulder hugely unfair costs when it comes to prescription medicines. But now a Canadian research team has determined just how much that burden is…