Spinal Cord Injury BC

Questionable Timing

Scientists have found evidence that SCI disrupts the body’s internal clock. Dr. Gaudet is working to understand the mechanisms and implications of this — and develop strategies to lessen the impact.

Calorie Crunch: Nutrition and SCI

Dr. Kristine Cowley explores the link between SCI and obesity with new research from the University of Manitoba—you may be surprised by what she found.

Healthy Food & Bladder Issues

Weight, infection risk, skin condition and digestion are factors that influence your bladder. Learn about the sources for a balanced diet.

Join the Food Bank!

Would extra groceries help stretch your food budget? The Vancouver Food Bank is here to help! Here’s how to access services near you.

Butternut Squash Soup

This tasty meal is definitely something to write home about (hopefully your mom likes listening to soup stories!).