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Charity Challenge 2024: Team Neurons in Motion

We spoke with Team Neurons in Motion for SCI BC about how they are preparing for this year's Charity Challenge.

Posted on May 23, 2024
by Lydia Wood

The race is on! This year marks SCI BC’s 12th anniversary of racing in the Charity Challenge. Because of our supporters’ hard work and fundraising efforts, our organization has been in the top 3 amongst charities year after year. We spoke with Team Neurons in Motion for SCI BC about how they are preparing for this year’s Charity Challenge.

Please introduce yourself and your organization.

Hello, I’m Ondrej, and I represent Neuromotion as Team Captain for this year’s Charity Challenge. Neuromotion is a rehabilitation clinic specializing in neurological conditions including SCI. At Neuromotion, we offer personalized physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to help individuals improve their mobility, function, and quality of life.

Why should people join or donate to Team SCI BC?

SCI BC provides vital support and resources to individuals living with SCI. By joining or donating, you’re helping SCI BC continue their important work and make a positive impact in the SCI community.

Team Neurons in Motion for SCI BC.
Team Neurons in Motion for SCI BC.

How are you preparing for this year’s Charity Challenge?

As we prepare for this year’s Charity Challenge, our team is focusing on support and camaraderie. While some team members are avid runners, others, like myself, may not be as experienced. However, what matters most is coming together to support a great cause and make a difference.

Any words of encouragement for your team?

To my team at Neuromotion, I want to say: Motion is lotion! Let’s stay active, support each other, and show our enthusiasm for this year’s SCI BC Charity Challenge. Go Neurons!

How can people support Team Neurons in Motion for SCI BC?

Click here to make a donation or sponsor one of our team members.

SCI BC would like to thank Neuromotion for their kindness, hard work and support. We’ll see you on race day!

Team Neurons in Motion for SCI BC.
Team Neurons in Motion for SCI BC.

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