Manager, Peer Coaching and Outreach
Vancouver, BC

Teri Thorson

Teri Thorson was a support technician for a computer software company and professional dancer before a 1996 motor vehicle crash in Australia left her a quadriplegic. With determination and support from friends, family and co-workers Teri was able to go back to work, become a Manager of the Technical Division and achieve her own personal independence. In 2002 she discovered wheelchair racing. Within the span of 2 years she returned to Australia to focus on full-time training and made the Canadian National Team. Her dedication was rewarded by being able to compete at the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games in the 400m track event where she made the finals.

Currently, Teri lives in North Vancouver with her partner and her son. She is a board member of BC Wheelchair Sports, Vice President of the WC Race Series and a Rick Hansen Foundation ambassador. She continues in sport as a recreational wheelchair rugby athlete and has a fashion design/image consultant business.

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