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Tips and Tricks for Holiday Travel

Posted on December 23, 2016
by Guest Blogger

The Holiday Season is often a good reason for travelling. Leaving your home when you have to catheterize requires that you make some extra preparations for both your journey and stay. Here are some things to make your trip much easier:

Pack Smart.

Long travels can be a challenge. SpeediCath Compact Catheters are great for travelling, as they don’t take up much space in your bag. SpeediCath Compact Set is a discreet catheter with a bag attached, which is a great alternative when you have limited access to washrooms.

Prepare for Airport Security

Some catheters contain liquids. Bring a travel certificate that says that your baggage contains medical devices. (You can request one here)

Talk to your physician to choose the catheter design that best meets your needs.

Have a Backup Plan

Having your luggage lost, misplaced or damaged can be a stressful and all too common part of holiday travelling. Take these precautions in order to make everything as smooth as possible:

  •  Make sure to keep extra supplies with you in case you are separated from your luggage.
  • Research the local supplier in the city you’re travelling to is. Having the name and number ready to go will save you time in a pinch.
  • Going on a longer trip? Designate a friend, family member, or your supplier as an emergency “shipper” who can over-night your supplies in case of emergency.

Have a Safe Trip and Happy Holidays!

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